Utah Liquor Laws
I'm so confused?!

It's okay. Many folks are confused about Utah Liquor Laws, even us locals. Utah Liquor Laws & Humor from Wasatch BeersBut it's gotten a lot easier since new laws were passed in recent years.

Here's the good news: No, we're not a dry state. Park City is as wet as can be some nights. But there are some laws that you may not be used to.

But hey, there's plenty of other places in the U.S. that are just as weird, for example - Moore County, Tennessee - where Jack Daniels is produced - is a dry county. Talk about teasing the local drunk!

Now let's clear up all this confusion regarding Utah Liquor Laws....

Private Clubs

New Law -No More Required *"Memberships"!

If you want to go somewhere just to drink liquor (mixed drinks, hard liquor, etc.) and not have to order food too, you will likely have to go to a private club.

In private clubs, liquor, wine, heavy beer, and beer may be served from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Clubs sell alcoholic beverages with or without food, and patrons may be served at a bar or table.

*Old Law no longer in affect - Most clubs offer temporary "visitor card" memberships for a nominal fee (usually $4 for three weeks). The visitor card allows the visitor and up to seven of his/her guests to use the club. Annual memberships may also be purchased.

FYI: State laws requires you to be charged for 2 drinks if you order a double or sidecar, not just be charged for a drink and a shot.

Beer Establishments

The only other place where you can be served alcohol without ordering food are beer establishments (taverns, lounges, bowling alleys, etc.) where the maximum alcohol content of the beer is 4.0% by volume (3.2% by weight).


Restaurants play by yet another set of rules.

In restaurants with full service liquor licenses, liquor, wine and heavy beer (over 3.2%) may be served from noon to midnight. Beer (3.2%) is available from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Patrons must be dining in the restaurant in order to be served an alcoholic beverage. Patrons may be served at their table or in a waiting area.

In restaurants with limited service liquor licenses, wine, and heavy beer (over 3.2%) may be served from noon to midnight. Beer (3.2%) is available from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. Limited restaurant licenses may not sell distilled spirits.

FYI: You cannot order a double or sidecar in restaurants.


Beer with an alcoholic content of 3.2% or less can be purchased at grocery, convenience stores, and restaurants with beer licenses. Full-strength beers (>3.2%) can only be purchased at state liquor stores, in private clubs and restaurants with liquor licenses.

Wine and Liquor

Wine and Liquor can only be purchased at state liquor stores, private clubs and restaurants with liquor licenses.

Fun Utah Liquor Law Facts?!

The Utah State Legislature in March, 2008 made some changes to the state's liquor laws. One ounce meter dispensing increased to 1.5 ounces, and one mixed drink total liquor amount decreased from 2.75 to 2.5 ounces. Also, flavored malt beverages, like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and wine coolers are no longer allowed to be sold in grocery stores. They now can only be purchased at state liquor stores.

Metered Dispensing

Utah law requires restaurants, private clubs, and airport lounges to use a metered dispensing system that is calibrated to dispense no more than 1.5 ounces of primary liquor in a mixed drink. Secondary alcoholic flavorings may then be added to a mixed drink as the recipe requires not to exceed a total of 2.75 ounces of spirituous liquor.

Please Don't Drink and Drive!

If you do drink and don't have a designated sober driver, take advantage of Park City's free bus system or T.A.D.D. (Taxis Against Drunk Driving)....

"Use our taxi service to get home safely and we will provide you with a FREE taxi ride back to your car the morning after!" Advanced Transportation Services are the founders of Park City T.A.D.D.. Call them at 435-647-3999.

Park City Liquor Stores

There are 3 liquor stores in Park City. For the largest selection go to the one in Snow Creek Plaza. Click the above link for more info.

Hope you've enjoyed this short tutorial of Utah Liquor Laws. It's really not that complicated. Spread the word...you can ski and drink in Utah...just not at the same time please!

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